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Yoga Meditation Retreats and Pilates Weekend Retreats, Devon, UK and Yoga & Ayurvedic Retreat, India

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Welcome to Heartbeat Holistics.

We specialize in Holistic Weekends and Workshops at the beautiful Boswell Farm studio in Sidford, near Sidmouth, Devon. Our Yoga Weekend Retreats and Pilates Weekend Retreats offer you a truly Relaxing, Rejuvenating and Revitalising weekend, touching Mind, Body and Spirit. Although everything is thoughtfully put in place, being YOUR weekend, you choose  to take part in what YOU wish to do.

Over the years our Yoga Weekend Retreats and Pilates Weekend Retreats have taken our guests away from the stress of everyday life and created a relaxing and fun weekend.

We believe everyone deserves their own space and time to open up to new ideas, and to be themselves. Let us help you to rediscover the individual person you are.

" I signed up for a Holistic Weekend at Boswell Farm not really knowing what to expect, maybe a bit of a stretch and some me-time. What I actually got was a complete physical, emotional and spiritual journey surpassing all expectations."  Amy.


 This is your weekend for you to enjoy, so although all the classes, walks and dinner dates are on offer, if you’d rather just chill out and enjoy the countryside, that’s absolutely fine. Also, nothing’s set in stone, so if the weather goes against us, we can do more classes, yoga or pilates, as you wish.

 Please take the time to have a look at the websites www.boswell-farm.co.uk & www.oldkennels-boswell.co.uk
 so you’ll know how lovely the cottages and the farm are.

 The studio is set up on the hill and the views while we’re working are fantastic. Also, ley lines, [energy channels], run through the property, and this, coupled with the fact that all of the water you drink is from their own spring, makes Boswell Farm an amazing place.

We have a wonderful therapist called Paddy Jones who practices many different Holistic Massage therapies, and Linda offers Life Style Assessment, which she calls Colour Channelling, working with colours she receives while meditating on your name ,to complete the Holistic experience. You will be spoilt for choice!

Don't forget to take a look at our testimonials page. Just click on the link above. For more information about our Yoga Weekend Retreats, Pilates Weekend Retreats, and also our Yoga and Ayurveda India Retreat,  please feel free to contact us at holisticweekends@aol.com. You can also see our up to date photos, comments and adventures on our HEARTBEAT HOLISTICS FACEBOOK PAGE.......just click on the link below.


Rejuvenating and Fun Weekends.


For more details and booking form, email:


Please email us if you'd like to join our mailing list for details of Workshop, Weekend and India Retreat dates.

HEARTBEAT HOLISTICS * 14 Baxendale, London, N200EG, UK *

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